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A time tracking program for Windows Mobile using SenseUI.

There are several time tracking programs available. None of them did fit my needs, so I decided to write my own. The first version was using WinForms for UI elements. Since I have my new mobile phone it was no longer applicable. After finding SenseUI a redesign of the UI was made for using this framework.

This is a sample screenshot of the time card display panel.

SenseTimeTracker supports
  • Users, prepared for database replication.
  • Clients, all time cards are client related
  • Projects, different projects can be assigned to a client.
  • Tasks, projects can be split into several tasks.
  • Categories, can be assigned to a task.
  • TimeRecords, containing all infos about the work, i.e. name, type, number, begin time, end time and duration.
  • Reports, some predefined reports on the time cards
  • Export to XML or CSV
  • Using the interface "Sense HTC's UI Look 'n Feel"

Version 1.3

This project is currently in a stable state. Since it is the first release to public I expect severeal issues which will be fixed as possible.
For suggesting new features use the discussion.
The issue tracker gere can be used for bug reporting.

If someone will help me providing with additional languages, in the source code you'll find the default resource file which can be used as translation template.

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